They Don't Understand
then they try to tell me who i am
Sorry But Really it’s the Truth

Taylor, Kayla, Alyssa, Emma, and Amanda are the most amazing, sweetest and down to earth people and if you don’t think so then go fuck yourself

Anonymous said: "Hey there's something bothering me and I'm upet rn. On Ariana's vine page, and I saw that she revined a guy named Parker Kit Hill's vine telling someone to execute themselves as a joke. I'm sorry but it really makes her look like a horrible person. But she wouldn't find someone telling anyone to kill themselves funny, or do it herself? NOBODY should tell others to kill themselves in any way shape or form, and it is not funny to do so at all."

um, that person is a viner…vine is a joke. she found it funny and so have 100’s of thousands of others so i don’t think yall should penalize ari for doing exactly what we do.